Grand Champion, black Lab Pima

By puppy raiser Colette Worcester

I just want to tell you about my career change dog who won the title of Grand Champion in a recent obedience competition!

Colette Worcester and Pima
While guiding just wasn’t for her, 5 year-old career changed black lab, Pima, has found enjoyment in pursuing 4-H with me. I am 16 years old and this was our first year doing the dog project together. At our county fair last month she won Grand Champion; we qualified for state competition in both Obedience and Rally. On August 29, at the Colorado State Fair, Pima and I placed second in our Rally class (out of nearly 40 exhibitors), and first in our Obedience class (out of nearly 20 exhibitors). Pima also received Grand Champion for the overall high score in the sub-novice obedience division!

Pima was the first puppy I raised for GDB and when she was career changed we took her back as a pet. She is eager to please and enthusiastic about training (with treats, of course!). In addition to her 4-H duties, she also enjoys helping me continue to raise Guide Dog puppies. Currently, Pima is aiding with my fourth puppy, a yellow lab named Petunia. Petunia certainly has a lovely role model!

Everyone enjoys Pima. Several younger 4-H members say that Pima is their favorite dog and each think that they are Pima’s favorite person. I guess Pima loves everyone equally, so it all works out. Thank you for such wonderful dogs!


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