Guide Dog Puppies Visit the Airport

pup getting ready to be scanned
by Barbara Edwards, GDB Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Elk Grove Puppy Raisers

The Elk Grove Puppies with a Vision recently went on a tour of the Sacramento International Airport's new Terminal B. This addition to the airport provides great opportunities for our puppies to get some exposure to the airport process for flying passengers. We were able to ride the new shuttle that ferry's passengers from the terminal to the gate area. The puppies also experienced going through security and getting patted down when the alarm went off because of their collars and leashes. They all handled it really well. Most of them were able to go into a sit/stay while their handlers walked through the scanner and then they responded extremely well to the recall command to go through the scanner. Once we all cleared security, we were able to walk down to the gate area. Upon exiting the terminal, the puppies were able to experience a ride on the inter-terminal shuttle and finished up with a walk around Terminal A and the parking garage.

pups and raisers waiting in line

yellow Lab pup being scanned by TSA


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