Will Guide Dog Balsam Win the Hero Dog Awards?

Balsam and I are graduates of Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael, California. In 2008, I was run off the road by a truck, totaled my car and ended up with a severe head injury leading to a stroke. Lucky to be alive, I sustained an acute loss of peripheral vision resulting in a status of "legally blind".

While I was hospitalized, my 15-year-old niece contacted Guide Dogs for the Blind and placed me on a waiting list for a Guide Dog. Six months later, I entered into the program and was introduced to the most wonderful dog in the world!

After three weeks of training (for me not the dog), we arrived home with a new lease on life. As you might expect, coping with life-changing condition such as blindness tends to be a bit depressing.

Balsam accompanies me every day and has allowed me to travel internationally and independently with confidence. Balsam has given me the strength and ability to move on with my life in countless ways.

I am thankful to Balsam and Guide Dogs for the Blind for helping me move on with my life and making me whole. --Joseph Landau of Long Beach, California

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