Will Guide Dogs for the Blind Win the Hero Dog Awards?

button that says Vote for MeTake a look at all the Guide Dog for the Blind family members who nominated their dogs for the Hero Dog Awards! They're passionate about their canine partners, and they should be! Having a Guide Dog from Guide Dogs for the Blind is like having a soul mate.

Some people say the relationship is closer than a marriage, because they're with their dogs 24/7, they get unconditional love, and their dogs never say, "Those pants make you look fat."
Just kidding.

We're going to be introducing you to one of our contestants each week,
but don't wait for us -- you can vote once each day for a dog from our school.
Maybe our Presidents should try this system...
Cast your votes for:

As far as we're concerned, all of our dogs are heroes
--each and every one--
so we're not playing favorites!

We want everyone to get out the vote for all of our dogs.

Will Guide Dogs for the Blind win the Hero Dog Awards? Only if you vote! We won last year, so it's up to you to take us to the red carpet.



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