Here's a sampling of some of the great photo submissions we've received lately. You can view all of the photo submissions on our Flickr site, and our Flickr Group Photo Pool. Keep em coming! Send your photo submissions to 

GDB puppy Rhubard

GDB puppy Rhubarb at Mile Rock Beach viewpoint. Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific Ocean in the background. Submitted to the GDB Flickr Group Photo Pool by Niall Kennedy.

Friends for life: Sierra, Jessica and Marissa

Friends for life: Sierra, Jessica and Marissa. As you may be aware, GDB's puppy raising program provides more than just excellent socialization for our pups - it fosters lifelong friendships between puppy raisers as well. We recently heard from Marissa Pounds, who tells this story about she and her sister, Sierra, meeting one of their best friends, fellow puppy raiser Jessica Harpel: "My sister and I met Jessica at our very first puppy club meeting. She had just gotten her first puppy in training, Dakota, a yellow lab male. At first, we didn't get along. We stayed away from each other until Dakota was assigned to come to our house so we could puppy-sit. It was then that we finally talked with Jessica and learned we had lots in common. Not two days later did we plan a sleep-over. Jessica was there when we got our puppy, Jaunty, a black lab female. We went to Puppy Fun Day together, and do gymnastics together. Although my sister and I have known Jessica for only a year, I know when we are old, we will be talking about those two Guide Dog puppies that we raised a long time ago and our adventures with them."

Career change dog Jana

Career change dog Jana at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge. In addition to her dock diving training, Jana is in training to become a therapy dog. Photo by Caroline Fenton. Submitted by Susan C. Smith.


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