We've Got Mail

From time to time, we receive wonderful letters from graduates of our program that we like to share with our readers. This is a wonderful letter from David Greene with black Lab guide Camille. It is printed here with his permission. 

Hi folks -

Just wanted to let you both know of an interesting journey that Camille and I took last Saturday. [My wife] Jennifer had been in Toronto looking after our grandson for two weeks. On Saturday Camille and I went to Toronto to stay over night and pick up Jennifer, returning on Sunday evening.

I had taken the subway in Toronto in the past but always with some one else. I wanted to try taking it myself and I wondered if Camille would remember all the subway teaching. I decided that I would take the challenge and our son, Nathan, gave me the directions to get to his place... the subway line to take, where to change to the next subway, which station to get off...

Camille and I took the bus from Kingston to Toronto, a 2.5 hr ride, then made our way to the subway station. I just gave Camille the directions that Nathan had given me and away we went. I feel myself getting emotional as I write this. I just can't believe that little girl, Camille - what a dog. I want to tell you that she didn't forget one thing that she was taught... the thousands of people, the noise of the subway trains... and she is just as cool as can be. The subway train comes to a stop and it is so noisy and there is so many people. I just bend down to her ear and with great enthusiasm say to Camille, "inside," and she just leads me on the subway car as if we did it every day. "Find a chair" and she takes me to a seat...  Oh! I so wanted to shout FREEDOM, this is my dog and she is from GDB.

I guess if I had to, I could have done that trip with the cane but it would have to be a life and death situation to inspire me. A doorway, a set of stairs, a counter... all can be so close, but so far away when you can't see it. The only time using a cane brought me to tears is when I ran into something. I just can't describe the thrill of holding that harness handle.

Camille and I want to send you a big thank you, and to let you know that you are so appreciated.

Talk later,

David and soft shiny black Camille


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