Avery and Natalie's Guide Dogs Project

Avery Williams and Natalie Schrum are 3rd grade students at John Wetton Elementary School in Gladstone, Oregon. When their teacher, Mrs. Vierra, announced to the class that they would be doing a project on an animal of their choice and write facts about it, they knew right away that their project would be on Guide Dogs.

Close up of guide dogs project with an image of a puppy and surrounding text.
Avery and her family are currently puppy sitters with the "Pups with Vision" puppy raising club in Portland. She and Natalie love dogs and Avery's grandmother, who is the club leader, brought Kuni in to the classroom when he was just five months old to participate in reading  a book about Guide Dogs. They are hoping that Kuni will make one more visit before school lets out for the year.
Avery and Natalie (smiling) hold up their school project together
Thank you girls for all your love and support!


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